– Sunday 12 May 13:30 | The devil in music

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Sunday 12 May | The devil in music

Time: 13:30 – 14:30 hrs
Venue: COMM, Den Haag (Museum van Communicatie)

A devilishly exciting program around the diabolus in music: the tritonus, the interval that represents the devil.


Bach – koraalzetting Es ist genug
Saint-SaënsDanse macabre
Liszt – Eerste Mefistowals
Bernstein Maria uit West Side Story
Jobim – The girl from Ipanema
StravinskyL’Histoire du Soldat 

Rik Kuppen – piano
Pieter van Loenen – violin
Jelmer de Moed – clarinet
Leo Samama presentation

We can hardly imagine it now, but there was a time when certain harmonies were experienced as undesirable. In fact, there was one chord that was considered devilish, the tritone, the interval that includes three whole tones and divides the octave in two. This interval was pre-eminently the devil in music: ‘diabolus in musica’. Yet throughout the centuries it has been used frequently, indeed often to express the devil or Judas or hell with it.

How exciting can music be? Devilishly exciting…. Experience it, and be horrified with us with a series of music pieces and fragments in which this devilish interval plays a leading role, from the Renaissance via Bach and Saint-Saëns to Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat (this work is played complete) and the jazz music of Jobim.

Leo Samama tells between the pieces exactly where and how to hear this diabolic interval.

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The devil in de music:

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