– Murder, Myth & Mystery: Anton Webern – screwed by a cigar…

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Webern – Longer Satz (1905)
Webern – 6 Bagatelles
Shostakovich – String Quartet No 8, movements III-IV-V

Armonia Quartet:
Yu-Ting Lu – violin
Ana García-Saguar Pérez – violin
M. English Chaparro Fuentes – viola
Candela Ant-Terán de la Flor – cello

Murder Myth & Mystery: Screwed by a cigar…Anton Webern (1883-1945)

As a composer, Anton Webern had to struggle for an existence, but as a promising conductor he could support his family well. After the Anschluss of Austria at Nazi Germany this had changed. His music was labeled as degenerate and also the income from conducting slowly dried up. Where he stood politically was not entirely clear. He admired his teacher, the Jew Arnold Schönberg, and at the same time loved his son, who was a Nazi. At the end of the war he moved to Salzburg. A few months after the liberation he went outside to light a cigar, so that his sleeping grandchildren would not be bothered by the smoke. Unfortunately, he had forgotten that the American soldiers had forbidden the making of light at that time of the evening. So, when a soldier saw the tip of the cigar light up, he shot immediately. Webern died. The soldier could not live with his deed, grapped the bottle and committed suicide ten years later.


Murder Myth & Mystery: Anton Webern

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