LEIDEN students!

Pitch for Oct 10th 2020 – call for LEIDEN STUDENTS of KonCon Practicum Musicae

Classical Encounters is coming to Leiden on Saturday October 10th 2020 and is offering Leiden-resident students of the Practicum Musicae curriculum at KonCon a chance to perform. We’re looking for a performance of about 10-15 minutes.

Please send a short pitch (ENG or NL) about yourself and/or your ensemble to the artistic leader Eva Stegeman by August 24th the latest. This can be either a link to a short video of yourself or a short written text in which you state your name(s), instrument(s), address in Leiden and your program proposal including the duration in minutes and any other details that you consider relevant given the context and artistic profile of Classical Encounters.
Mailto: eva@classicalencounters.nl
Deadline application: Monday August 24th 2020

Saturday Oct 10th 2020 (afternoon, exact time tbd)
Huis van de buurt – Stevenshof, Leiden
Fee: €125,- per person