Pitch: Otherwise!

Pitch your program for the upcoming edition!

For the upcoming edition (‘Variations’ 13-17 May 2020) Classical Encounters challenges all ensembles and students of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague to come up with a pitch for a short programme matching the 2020 festival theme.

Under the motto ‘Otherwise!’ we dare you to propose an original programme that has a form of ‘variation’ included or hidden in it. Anything is conceivable: works with theme & variations movements, improvisation (baroque, jazz or otherwise), variations in instrumentation, make or commission your own arrangement, search for variation in the composition-style of the composer or develop a way of presentation that has variation as an important element, etc etc The most original ideas and most suitable concepts will be honoured with a performance in the festival.

Contact: Eva Stegeman (artistic leader) – eva@classicalencounters.nl